Anemic kitten breathing fast

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Hello, I would do a cute salutation but I'm in a bit of a teezy. I am fostering some very anemic kittens (one of them past away he was so weak). One of them was crying and moving around, in other words fairly active. They were both asking for milk (kitty formula was used) and they gobbled it up. Now, one of the kittens seems to be in a bit of a shock state, he's breathing very fast. They were warm when I gave them their milk....I'm just trying to think what happened. He has some spurts of energy where he'll cry and move around. Right now we are just keeping him warm and watching him like hawks. Any suggestions, thoughts, ideas? We did give them a dose of tinic (head of my foster group gave it to them). Sorry for the grammar and/or misspelled words!!


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    Is there a vet that's affiliated with the group you're fostering for that you can call? I would definitely check with a vet one way or another. Bless you for fostering! Please keep us posted. |:|
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    "Well, the little guy struggled to make it through the night. My husband and I left at 6:40 to make it to our vet at 7. The vet assessed the situation as beyond critical. She said the best thing for him would be to let him sleep, we both agreed with her. There is one little one still with us, we decided to name him Chubaka, he's a little fighter. I will keep you posted of his progress and try to get some pictures. Thank you so much for all your thoughts and suggestions. " says my mom (she made me type it)
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    Sending purrs to Chubaka! |:|
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