how to get him to cover!

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We have two Cats, a female mittens, who is about a year now and our new male kitten, Pine cone, who is about four weeks. Mittens has always been good with the litter box(as long as its the type of litter she likes) so we didn't have really any problems with her covering, if fact we almost have to call her out of there because she wont stop! But Pine cone is another story, he just doesn't do it. now he will "try" to, but he seems to scratch random places but not what he needs to. just barley even trying really. I have seen him scratch the side of the box, the door ect but its barely. However, I know he CAN do I, have seen him do it like twice but usually he just wont. I have brought him to see mittens use the box to see if he would learn (Im sure she loved the audience) and I have taken his paw and basically did it for him. but still nothing. I will say he has gotten ever so slightly better, like he scratches a few extra times and gets maybe a few random pieces of litter on it. the problem is the smell, we have a small place so odor is always a factor but the worst is he will step in it and tract all over! YUCK! one time someone showed up at my house as this happened! any ideas on why he is doing this and how to improve?:-k


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    There are several reasons for that, one may be because the kitten never learned how to do, and your kitten is trying so I think you just have to keep teaching him. Another reason would be the cat doesn't consider his home to be his real home so he doesn't feel like covering unless he's in his own territory, but again, you said you've seen him do that, so I'm thinking it's about the age and lack of training, and the solution would be to just keep trying until he gets the hang of it. (I know this thread is old, I just wanted to add something)
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