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I don't think I have time for my kitten

Chris WilliamsChris Williams Member Posts: 1
edited 23 December, 2014 in Kitten Corner
I have a 14 week old Bengal kitten and to put it bluntly I don't think I have time for him and it breaks my heart to say it. To give some more information I firstly had to lock him out of my room because he wouldn't let me sleep attacking the duvet as I slept (or at least tried to). Then the latest thing is I come home from work and he pounces and attacks me (playing) for at least 3 hours. I try to distract him with a fishing rod toy but this only works slightly. The only piece and quiet I can get is to lock myself in my room from him (which breaks my heart to think I need space from him). I would hate to give him up but I am scared I don't have enough time for him or even worse starting to resent him which is the last thing I want. I know a lot of this is normal kitten behaviour but I feel he is worse than most I read about and I don't know what to do as I am so burnt out.


  • Karen LeeKaren Lee The kingdom of Mer-lotMember Posts: 89,020
    edited 24 July, 2014
    Begnals are awfully active cats. What was your reason for getting a Bengal, other than the typical "so cute and unique and must have"? :-k Did you research the breed before getting the kitten? Here's some info on Bengals: Did you get the kitten from a breeder? If so, talk to the breeder about possibly returning the kitten. Or consider getting another kitten or older cat. It doesn't have to be a Bengal. Sometimes having a friend to play is what an active kitten needs so he/she isn't demanding attention from you all the time. Leroy was awfully attention demanding when Human got him and had extreme zoomies. Leroy's an Aby and Human knew that Abys are active and energetic but wasn't quite prepared for Leroy :)) Three months later Human adopted another same age cat (nothing fancy, just a DMH) to keep Leroy company. Leroy was much happier to have a friend to play with all day :)
  • marisa Duvalmarisa Duval Member Posts: 1
    edited 9 August, 2014
    Like the person above said, I really think your little guy would benefit from a friend :) I think some kittens just do better in pairs
  • Sara BadaraccoSara Badaracco Member Posts: 47
    edited 21 December, 2014
    I just got a pair of 3 month old active kittens and am in roughly the same situation as you. However, instead of playing for 3 hours with ME, they'll play with each other, burn off all their energy, and come cuddle in my lap when they're tuckered out. They're littermates and absolutely adore each other, except when they steal each other's food or one leaves a big mess in the litterbox. :P I still do have to make sure I spend a little time with them each day and leave chairs by the window for them to watch birdies while I'm at work. Otherwise we get a bad case of the midnight crazies. Most nights, though, they sleep through the night on the foot of my bed. Your Bengal just might need a playmate. If you choose to go the 2-kitten route, you're probably best off adding a second cat now while he's young. Of course, there will always be the multi-cat issues, but often they're worth the payoff of double the fun. Make sure both are spayed/neutered before they're introduced; intact cats tend to be more territorial.
  • Garett Marvel WilsonGarett Marvel Wilson Member Posts: 27
    edited 23 December, 2014
    Reading your post reminded me what I felt for the very first time I ever owned a cat! You should know that kitten are very much actives and love to play, jump and run, especially in the early morning, how long has he been with you?
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