British Shorthair (First Cat)

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Hello; This is my first cat, A 3-4 month british female not sure if mix or pure. According to animal planet cat breed selector and smart cat breed selector and few article read pointed that a british shorthair is the cat for me. The cat would only require a couple of hours of interaction and can be left alone for long period of time, but this is not what is happening if left alone in the living room alone she starts to meow in intervals until someone stays with her or takes her in there room. Currently she is staying with me almost 11 hours of the day and the 1-2 hours with other family members and the rest alone. Is this normal behavior will she become independent when she grows up and at what age? I can't revise my work back home and any hobbies have been placed on stand by because every time its trying to make sure I am consistent in setting ground rules or if I finally work she wants to eat the papers. Currently teaching her that the desk is a no zone, she still climbs on but after hearing me say no a few times she jumps off. thanks


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    Guest, those online breed selectors are only guidelines :? They may suggest a "perfect" cat breed for you but in reality, you still need to do our own research to find the right cat breed for you. This can be going to cat shows to talk to breeders and other cat owners, talking to the people at the local shelter or rescue, etc. No cat breed requires only a "couple of hours of interaction" daily. Some cat breeds demand constant attention. Others may not require too much. A cat's own personality and age can also play a role in how much interaction is needed. Maybe your cat would like a friend to play with. Some cats get lonely by themselves and will demand attention from people, even causing msichief and trouble. You don't need to get another British Shorthair. There are many adoptable cats at the local shelter or rescue, mostly domestic short/medium/long hairs and occasionally a "fancy" breed. The shelter or rescue workers can help you find the right cat :) Try to get the other members in the house to play with the cat, too. Maybe if the cat feels more comfortable with the other people she might bother you less.
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