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I'm hoping that you guys can help me out. I've never owned a cat before, but last night I found myself the guardian of a tiny female kitten. My best friend had already bought her, but has just found out that she is pregnant and her partner is against her having a kitten at this time. So she asked me if I would take her. Of course I said yes, but at this point I thought she would be a little older, maybe 10 to 12 weeks as I have heard that is when they are ready to leave their mums. Last night I picked her up from my friend, and found out that she is only 6 weeks old. And it being that I have no experience with cats as pets, let alone a kitten, I was hoping you could help me a little. I'm rather clueless as to what shots she will need, as I've read that she will have been too young for the breeder to have had them done, or how to keep her occupied while I'm out at work, and if being away from her mum and siblings will affect her socially in any way and how to combat that. I have no idea who the breeder is myself, and he is no longer answering my friend's calls. I don't want to give Kuro Chan away though, I'm a firm believer in a pet being for life as part of the family, and I love her to bits already. So any advice you can give me in order to make her as happy as I can would be greatly appreciated. :)


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    Although weaning at 6 weeks is not ideal, she'll be fine. The vet will know what shots she needs and when. She should have a visit as soon as possible to be thoroughly checked out and she can be spayed when she's 2 pounds. Otherwise, feed her canned kitten food, give her lots of toys and lots of love. If you find she's getting into trouble while you're at work you might consider getting another kitten. They do best in pairs because they occupy each other and can play all day. But please, if you do decide to get another, adopt from a local shelter. There are too many homeless cats for people to be buying them.
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    Do take her to the vet to have a checkup. Your vet can answer many of your questions about your kitten's health. With her being so small I would suggest limiting her to one or two rooms only when you are not home. Favorite playthings for kittens/cats are paper bags (remove the handles), cardboard boxes that she can get in and out of. Feathers and/or string are favorite playthings but only with your supervision as both can be accidentally swallowed and choked on. Make sure the toys she plays with don't have any small parts that she can swallow. Be sure she can't get into cabinets that have cleaning products that she can swallow. Keep the toilet lid closed while she is little so she can't fall in and drown. Now shelters want all the animals spayed/neutered before they are adopted and they need to weigh at least 2 pounds to be able to handle anaesthesia but many veterinarians think it's better to wait to 4-6 months of age. Personally, I prefer to wait to 4-6 months of age but I am very responsible and will have the procedure done.
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    Kuro Chan will be fine. I just got Nikola 6 weeks ago when he was 8 weeks old. He was weaned already and eating and drinking fine. I got my Kenji when he was only 5 weeks old as he was a feral kitten. It was really rough for a few weeks though. He only wanted the bottle a little bit; even at 5 weeks he was eating wet food with a lot of warm water mixed in. He had a lot of problems with diarrhea and constipation. I feed Nikola canned Fancy Feast kitten and canned Friskies. I would buy the small cans of kitten food because you don't want the food to go bad if there is too much food left and cats don't like cold food. Nikola will eat Friskies when I split a can or two of Friskies for breakfast and for dinner between all the cats (4 of them) and 5 cats in the morning when a neighbor's cat comes by to eat. You can check into low-cost vaccination clinics and on their Web sites they will usually list what vaccinations are needed and at what age. Here is a good vaccination schedule chart: I kept Nikola in the spare bedroom for a couple of weeks during the day while we were at work. I made sure there weren't any wires or anything he could chew on. I left some toys for him to play with (not any ones with feathers or parts that could come off that he could swallow). I left some classical music on as well so he didn't feel alone. He started sleeping with us in the big bed by the time he was with us the third night. LOL I did the same thing with Kenji. I kept him in the bathroom while we were gone and by the 4th night he was sleeping with us. :)) If you can afford another kitten, that would be a good idea! They can keep each other company. My oldest cats are Gimli and K.C. They are Manx cats and they each weigh over 22 pounds each. Gimli is very laid back and likes kittens and other cats. Django is about 3 now and he's still very active. He's about 10 pounds. Another thing is that I would get some kind of natural liter; not the clumping clay kind. Kittens sometimes eat the litter and it could cause stomach upset. Good luck! :w)
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