Is a male cat right for me?

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Hi my name's Daisy, My mum and dad are thinking about getting another kitten and they've got one in mind but he's a Tom... Mum and dad are worried about him spraying everywhere and making the house smell. They're also worried about having cats that are two different sexes. Mum has only ever had female cats and has heard some bad things about Tom cats. What's your opinion on them?? I don't think I mind what they do. I'm very loving and friendly and would probably love a little brother or sister... Please help my mum and dad (:


  • SterlingAndTheSTeamSterlingAndTheSTeam Mount OliveMember Posts: 41,262 ✭✭✭
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    Hi, Daisy! :-h Welcome to Catster! :w) There should be no problem bringing a male kitten home. If you're getting one from a shelter, most shelters now neuter their male kittens before letting them be adopted. If your Mum and Dad are getting the kitten from a private party, they will need to have him neutered. Neutering is usually a much simpler operation and less costly than spaying a female. Our Mom has had mostly male cats and once males are neutered they turn into big "love bugs". Neutering almost always eliminates spraying and you need to do it before he starts spraying so he won't get into the habit. I'm assuming you are spayed so the little Tom will think of you as his big sister. You're a cutie and we hope to see a new little Tom in your family very soon. :D
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    hi :-k I think there's just going to be a little problem. Tomcats has a habit of urinating inside as well as outside the house.They do this to mark their territories. They also do this to exhibit his sexual prowess to the female cats.
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    If you get him neutered as soon as possible, you should not have this issue. I have 3 males & 1 female, and they have no issues.
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    As long as you have the cat neutered before he becomes sexually mature, there should be no problems. There's really not much difference between the males and females in personality or behavior if they are spayed and neutered. Incidentally although most intact males spray, some don't and some intact females spray especially when they are in heat! Although it's uncommon, even altered cats may spray if they are in a situation where they feel very insecure.
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