Care Fresh, will this help or make things worse?

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My two kittens, S'mores and Honeydew, stopped using the litterbox regularly. At first we thought it was S'mores, but we soon discovered it was both of them. We did the confinement thing with S'mores, and he's been pretty much consistently using the litterbox since. Honeydew on the other hand, is not. Part of that is my fault, for not realizing sooner that Honeydew is the main culprit (it goes back to when we first got them, S'mores was very young and had no idea how to use a litterbox). He will pee on anything paper-based, as well as plastic, clothing, and bedding. But he mostly chooses paper, paper towels, clothing, and bedding. And it's not spraying, he squats and tries to cover when he's done. They've been to the vet, got a thorough checkup, this is 100% behavioral. We have tried new boxes, new locations, different litter choices with the old litter in a nearby box, we are even using Cat Attract litter and litter additive. He will STILL pee outside the box, given the chance. I'm considering using Care Fresh, but I can see it going one of two ways: 1. He loves the Care Fresh and no longer sees reason to pee on my blankets. :D 2. He loves the Care Fresh, and decides since there's paper in his litterbox, he is still allowed to pee on any and all soft substances. :(( And I have no idea why, but he prefers white linens/bedding/clothing/paper towels over anything with colors :?, but will use any soft item if the opportunity presents itself. :-O So has anyone else ever tried this? Or thinks this may/may not work? I'd love input!
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