Need forever homes for 4 very special needs kittens

Dee DuncanDee Duncan Gainesville florida by way ofMember Posts: 1
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I feel so awe full cause it's all my fault! First off let me say even though it says it's safe to give pregnant kitty the new flea pill that works in 30 min, not the mo. One I'm so upset I can't even think of the name ne way, I'm pretty sure my new babies are blind! Very healthy otherwise and there still so young I'm not sure 100% they all are, I'm sure I'm going to get hate mail for un fixed cats and giving the flea pill ect, please don't I feel so awe full allready and my boys are fixed now just didn't have the money to do so in time before momma kitty got pregnant, but please anyone with advice, or with a big heart and VERY GOOD HOME for very special kitty mesg, the kittys re snow coonies. (Snow shoe simmies& maincoons right now there white with gray ears n tails but may look like dad or mom as they grow dad is my boo kitty and mom is kataleana. Kittys that have pages here there both awesome smart cats! I promise the kittys will be super specail cats, not because there disabled , I know I'm babbling but I'm crying holding all four of them, it's all my fault! I would keep and love all of them but I have four kittys and live in a 2br apartment and of course my babies are not allowed outside I'm in the city n it's just not safe, thanks for listening Distraught cat mom


  • Paula K-Paula K- New YorkMember Posts: 2,244
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    Don't beat yourself up - you made a mistake and now the lesson is learned. Once you're sure what the kittens' disabilities are you should search on a place like Facebook for groups that specialize in that disorder. For example, there are groups there for blind cats, CH cats, etc. Usually they have a section for adoptions and will let you post the kittens. Be sure to include your location and contact info.
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