Foster Failure after SPCA fire - uri? Clavamox allergy?

Jes SassJes Sass Member Posts: 4
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I have a 6wk kitten that I got after the SPCA he was at had a fire. We were emergency fosters but have decided to adopt him. The fire was Monday. Wednesday morning I took him to my vet because he was coughing, and he was given an anti inflammatory injection to combat the irritation from the smoke inhalation. On Friday, he had an increasing amount of yellowish discharge from his eyes, and the vet put him on 0.2ml Clavamox, twice daily. He now has a great deal of watery discharge, not mucousy, with sneezing and breathing through his mouth. His eyes are red and half shut. I clean his eyes with a warm, damp cotton ball, and wipe the discharge away. This afternoon we had him in the bathroom with steam. He is eating wet developmental kitten food with KMR as a supplement. He defecates mostly solid and brown, and urinates little (or in terms of what I've seen). He's not coughing like he was, but the drooling, eye irritation and mouth breathing concern me - and the vet isn't back in until Monday. His hydration seems good - his scruff bounces back and doesn't tent at all, but he sits and observes and doesn't play at all. He'll track toys with his eyes but doesn't go after them. We have four adult cats, all rescues, and another foster kitten from the fire (who is bouncy and nixy and seems fine). Tyrion, the kitten, is not with the big kids, as the two tinies are in a spare bedroom with all the amenities. I've never had a kitten younger than 12 weeks, let alone 6. I'm very worried.


  • Schagne VenterSchagne Venter Member Posts: 22
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    Hi, how is he now? Sounds like an upper respitory infection from the fire. The antibiotics should not be a problem, but he might have had more smoke in his lungs than the others, or his immune system might have been down due to a viral infection which was worsened by the fire. If he's having trouble getting oxygen into his lungs he will not be very playful and should be encouraged to rest. I would keep on giving the antibiotics, it's your best bet right now. I hope he's better now?
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