New puppy+ our cats= help!

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We just got a 8 week old puppy on Saturday and so far the training is going good. She's a Labrador Retriever and Australian Shepard mix. Her name is Sadie. Our 2 cats Ebony and Ivory are almost 2 years old and both have acted differently to the change. Being a puppy when the cats get nervous or scared they run away from her and of course she thinks they want to play so chases them- normal behavior for a puppy. Ebony (our shy and easily scared cat) has been doing really good with Sadie- she comes around her and will sniff her, usually if she's asleep. And she has sat on my lap or my husbands lap on the same couch as our new puppy without really any problems. She will run away if Sadie does something Ebony thinks is scary but she always comes back into the room and has been doing GREAT! But Ivory (our normally very social and curious cat) is having a harder time adjusting to her new family member.She will hardly coming into our living room now (where she normally spends a lot of her time besides our bedroom) As of the past 3 days she's been sleeping and 'hiding' in a room next to the laundry room where their litter box and food/water are. She hardly comes out unless she feels its safe. Sadie has chased both cats and each time she tries to or she starts we put her in 'timeout' (a pet carrier/kennel). I'm really worried about Ivory and I REALLY hope she doesn't stay like this. My husband keeps telling me that she will be okay but I have this very nervous feeling in my stomach. *But I also know that my nervousness isn't helping because they can sense my emotions and energy*. We have been giving Ivory plenty of love and attention and telling her that she is safe and Sadie loves her. I just need advice! I'm so nervous and worried about this situation. Any advice or tips will help! Thanks and sorry this is so long! :-k:-/
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