What would you do? oral surgery question - help!!

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My 11 year old cat (Roller) recently starting having a loud stertor. I took him into the vet who looked in his mouth and said his soft palate is being pushed forward, creating the noise and blocking the airway. She said his ears are all clean and well, and the only way to know what's causing this is exploratory surgery. She suspects, given his age and location, it's squamous cell carcinoma. She said it could also, but unlikely, be a benign growth or polyp. Risks of surgery of course are swelling of the throat and death from anaesthetic, but she said these are slim. He is normal in every other aspect.. happy, playing, eating, drinking. It's just this god awful stertor and snorting he does when he breathes, and it's often. I'm so torn because I put another one of my cats through two surgeries hoping to remove cancer and he ended up dying 43 days later anyway. All that suffering for nothing. Would you put him through the surgery to find out what's causing it if there is a good possibility of it being cancer? Or would you just try anti-inflammatories and hope for the best?


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    I would go with the least invasive procedure and try the anti-inflammatories first. As long as he is happy and eating why put him through a surgery. And, if it is cancer it can't be removed anyway.
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