Enough is enough when will it end. Stupid kidney stones

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So for the past 3 years I've been battling kidney stones from what my vet says. When I moved into my new home with my mom and dad the first year I got stones and bleed when I pee. This is the second time I've had them and after that I was this food called urinary SO wet and dry food i drink lots of water and pee. Yes I'm a little on the heavy side but when I lose 5 pounds it doesn't seem to make a dent I've had to have stones removed 3 times so far in 2 years and I think I may have them again my mom takes good care of me why do I keep getting uti's and then stones I'm not 100% the stones have come back but I'll be taking a visit to the vet soon I'm tired of having to sit in a cage at the vet on drugs with tubes. Will this ever go away the vet told me it probably won't.help


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    I never had any problems with kidney stones, so I can't answer your questions. Hopefully, other Catsters will post and I hope you can find some answers.
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    Hi I didn't think Mr D had that much of a problem. I knew he was getting UTI's. His mother and sister also would get them. They say it can run in the families, also persian cats as well as a few other breads ragdolls etc are susceptible to it. I know Mr D doesn't look it but his mother is a short haired persian. They have been on Royal Canin SO food and Hills C/D for years (about 8 years now) I think Hills food was more directed at the crystals at first which was not good for a stone forming kitty. Luckily now they have changed the formula. Do you know where the stones are. Are they just in the bladder or are they in the kidneys too? Mr D had them in the kidneys and they would get large enough that they blocked the ureters as they traveled from the kidney to the bladder. He went into surgery to have them removed then he blocked in the urethra after they took the catheter out. After him been in there for a couple of weeks and he kept pulling it out he probably did a bit of damage. So they did the PU surgery MOL our little man is a little ???? nothing MOL there is nothing there. It's now been a year and a half since the surgeries, he has his ups and downs but at the moment he seems great. We do regular ultasounds to keep an eye on things as one of his ureters was so badly blocked, they had to reconnect it to another part of the bladder. I often read about feeding wet food and I understand it is importance. But Mr D refuses to eat it. It's down every night for his mother but he won't touch it. But I'm also scared to alter his food. After the surgery's I was determine to get to the bottom on his food problem, but the more I read the more confused I got. Some food had spinach which is bad some had cranberries which is suppose to be good but then I also read no Vit C in the diet. No meat no grains arghhhhhh...... I went around the bend. I decided to stick with the food the vets recommended as they did say they do spend a lot of money researching the best ingredient list. For now I think I'll have to trust them. I hope all is good with you.
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