How come animals get abused for doing nothing to hurt people

Savannah ArnoldSavannah Arnold OlatheMember Posts: 146

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    because sadly some people don't have souls
  • Leanne FroebelLeanne Froebel Member Posts: 1,730
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    I don't think I will ever know or understand the answer to that! Studies have also proven that those who are cruel to animals have a strong tendancy to go to abuse people. Disrespect for animals' lives leads to a disrespect for life in general.
  • Candy McCarthyCandy McCarthy SanfranciscoMember Posts: 292
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    Because unfortunately they have some horrible people in this world who don't understand that we are seeing, feeling and thinking beings just like them. We are little people without a voice. Sigh.....
  • Michelle SheldonMichelle Sheldon PhoenixMember Posts: 1,176
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    You could go insane trying to figure people out. Trying to figure out how their brain works, what goes on in there. If you knew the answers to everything you wondered you would probably go insane and have to be institutionalized. Sick sick world sometimes. I'm just happy knowing that I'm not like that and you just have to purr for all the animals out there without loving homes.
  • Ashley HattAshley Hatt West HavenMember Posts: 4
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    Exactly. Some people are just jerks.
  • Ace AtturaAce Attura NY DC and DEMember Posts: 87 ✭✭
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    Becuz Man"KIND" is more often than not-- NOT kind!! AAAAGH!!! Meowmie sez "I think I understand how an innocent animal must feel when it is being abused. Because I know too well, what an innocent child feels like when it sees a towering enraged human being coming over to do it grave harm or worse. My screams were eventually heard-- the animals, sometimes never".... Meowmie has a HARD time sleeping some nights when she realizes that somewhere an animal IS getting abused, terrorized, killed.... she thinks of the Korean Cat and Dog Fur and Food markets... she thinks of the Phillipine Dog Meat markets... she thinks of what is going on right here in the US... and she cries AND she surrounds those animals with love, even if they are thousands of miles away, and hopes that they feel some comfort and love, even in their most horrible torments...... Love knows no boundaries... AND she speaks up and emails and writes letters -- and she HOPES FOR THE BEST, because there is ALWAYS HOPE.
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