my kitten is not eating. what can be some reasons?

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I have a 2 1/2 month old kitten who is not eating. She was just spayed 5 days ago and is on a medication called azithromycin for an infection she has. I also have 2 older cats that haven't entirely taken to her yet. Could any of these be a reason she is not eating or could there be something else wrong?

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    I had a similar experience. For about 7 days after surgery, Moxie would come running when she heard a can of cat food being opened or the jingling of dry kibble in its jar but after smelling the food, she would just walk away! The vet's solution was to switch her medicines but that didn't help. I believe the medicines were making her nauseous. She seemed excited at the thought of food but the smell made her not want to eat - does this sound like your situation? If so, you can try giving droppers of milk made for cats (buy at a pet store) and blended wet food with water from a can of tuna or cat canned food gravy, and apply a bit of wet food to the roof of her mouth so she has some nutrition. After Moxie finished her meds, she started eating again - she had lost quite a bit of weight! Be careful NOT to force your cat to eat - I would just drip liquified food throughout the day but always stopped as soon as she resisted. Also, re-introduce food in small portions so she doesn't overeat.
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