Dry Heaving????

My cat seems to be Dry Heaving quite a bit. its as if he is trying to cough up a hairball, that doesn't want to come out. we took him to the Vet to have him checked and they took some X-Rays to make sure he hasn't swallowed anything. They mentioned everything seemed to be ok and to keep an eye on him. He is eating a drinking normal. This has been happening for a little over 36 hours. Should we take him to be rechecked? Is this something we should be worried about, or will it pass? Any advice would be very appreciated.

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  • Jennifer SantosJennifer Santos MesaMember Posts: 1,889 ✭✭
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    You know, I would take him back. I don't want to be alarmist, but coughing like that in cats isn't typically considered normal and it can be a sign of a heart problem or asthma. (I have asthma and I do the same dryheave thing if I don't swallow my medicine). I hope it is nothing more than a persnickety hairball, but better safe than sorry. Good luck!
  • Xxxxxx XxxxxxxXxxxxx Xxxxxxx No Where, WVMember Posts: 18
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    Two things. Make sure he has been tested for FeLuke. Get the in house test ELISA done 1st. If that is posative then get the send out test IFA. The IFA determines as to weather or not the Luke is in the cats bone marrow where coughing is an everyday occurance..see Willowby. If Feluke has already been ruled out thats great. I had the same problem with Kizmet....see Kizmet. The vet determained it was Asthma. Lastly, the only other coughing experiance I had was with a dog, Kolar R.I.P. Kolar turned out to have Intestinal Lymphoma. It is one of the hardest cancers to diagnose. Kolar was a gorgeous pointer only 4 years old. I soo hope it is nothing more then a diet or furrball issue and wish you the best of luck!!!
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