What can I do to stop my cat's excessive vocalizing and destructive behavior?

Heather PerryHeather Perry Fernandina BeachMember Posts: 5
Our cat Ebony, a neutered male, went missing for three months when my husband let him out by accident after we'd only been in our new house for a week. He's been back home for almost two weeks but we are about at our wit's end. The morning after he came home, I took him to the vet's for a complete checkup. Here's a long LJ entry detailing that: I dashed over to the animal hospital as soon as I got off work. The technician asked me if I wanted to see Ebony. Uh, yeah... So she had one of the other techs take me back. He was lying down in the kitty litter box. As soon as he heard my voice, he hopped up and came to the door of the cage. The tech opened the door and he rubbed against my hand, purring. I could see that they'd just dumped the entire little can of food into a dish in one big blob instead of flaking it out with a fork. I flaked it out with my fingers. Soon as I did that, he started eating it. And eating it. I said, "Look! He's eating!" "Good!" said the tech. "I'll tell Dr. Jen." I kept petting him and he ate some more and then was more interested in getting out of the cage than in eating. Long story short: He had fluid on his lungs when he arrived and is still fighting an infection. She's not sure exactly where the infection is, but thinks it might be in his heart. The only reason she let me take him home was because he ate for me. Thank God. He's got four or five different meds to take. Which should be interesting because the only way he'll take them is inside tuna and if there are too many in there, he won't eat it. He did eat a bit when he got home. But he's been carrying on - i.e., vocalizing - ever since he got home. And now, it's LOUD. At one point, Daniel said, "You know he's going to be doing that all night long." "I know," I said. "But you'll be in the bed with the fan blowing full blast next to your head so you won't hear it." "But you will." *SHRUG* The vet said he's vocalizing because he's in pain and that once the infection gets cleared up, he should quiet down. But that if he didn't, I should give her a call. I don't even want to think about how much the bill was. Let's just say it was even more than the one for Savannah's last stay (my other cat) and she had surgery having said all that, what's going on now is that the vocalizing is just completely out of control. But it's not just that - now he's taken to tearing things up. Knocking things off the credenza in an effort to get out a closed window is one thing, but when he starts tearing up the carpeting in my brand new house, my husband is beyond angry. What can I do? What does he want? I've tried and tried to get hold of the vet but she didn't call me back. Then today she finally did and by the time my spouse gave me the msg, the vet's ofc was closed. ARGH! He gets food, water, love, toys, treats. I don't know. HELP!

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  • Kaye BradyKaye Brady Garner NCMember Posts: 41,548
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    You might try to quarantine him to a small room, such as a bathroom. He needs a quiet place to curl up like maybe fix his carrier up with the door open so he has a cozy little cubby. A smaller space will also keep him from being too active and hurting himself. Fix his litter in the room as well as a place for food and water. Go in and visit with him and love on him...but make sure he stays there especially if you are not home. I hope he is feeling better soon. purrrrs, Patches
  • Karen DKaren D MinneapolisMember Posts: 14
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    I saw some treats at petsmart recently that are made with little pockets to put pills in. That might help getting him to take them without having to force them on him. I know how fun that is. If he doesn't already have one maybe try a cardboard scratching post and put catnip on and scratch on it to get him intersted, and a scratching post. I bring mine over to them when they scratch furniture. Or distract them with a toy. They also have sprays or 2 way tape kind of stuff to put on places you don't want them digging. I've noticed when I block them from something they will try for awhile but then give up after a few tries. Mine have escaped a couple times and then they get determined to try it again but after awhile of failed attempts they forget about it and stop trying.
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