I have a 7 year old male neutered mixed cat and want to add a kitten. What should I get? Male, fema

My cat Joey is 7 yrs old and is a mixed breed indoor/outdoor cat. He is very lovable and friendly with us (never had a scratch on me). About a year ago we rescued a mixed breed male cat that we called Max (about 1.5 yrs old)... Unfortunately Joey and Max never got along... Max kept spraying everything and never got used to us... we tried to make Max as comfortable as we could but after a couple of month he finally just took off and never returned. My 10-year old daughter misses him dearly and wants a kitten badly now. I am torn... the experience with Max wasn't great... he sprayed everywhere and it took me several weeks to finally get rid of the smell... I am not sure if my older cat will tolerate the competition. If so, what do you suggest I get? Should it be a male or a female? How should I introduce him/her? What about the litter box? Joey doesn't use a litter box, he goes outside... Any suggestions are greatly appreciated! THANKS!

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    Wow. We have a lot of issues here to discuss! In my experience, cats of both sexes can get along with each other. It seems to be more the personality of the cat than the sex. Joey may do better with a female, or he just may not want another animal in "his" space at all. Kittens usually adapt well to cats, but don't leave them unsupervised together. Introduce them slowly! Also, I have concerns that your cats are outside cats and Max ""finally just took off." That was ok??? Keeping kittens outside is asking for animal attacks and even being carried off by predatory birds. Where does Joey go outside? In the winter? Hopefully not in your neighbor's bushes. Won't make you popular around your neighborhood if you get another cat who does that also. And neighbors can be cruel to cats/dogs who do that. I think Joey might start using a litter box inside if you teach a kitten to do it also. Discuss the responsibilities of pet ownership with your daughter before you decide to add another.
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