Do 3 legged cats need more medical attention? I'm worried that the kitty may develop spinal problems

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  • Jo MillerJo Miller Member Posts: 1,915
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    I didn't. The only thing was right after my surgery, I stayed at one of my mommy's friends' house for a week. I was a barn cat and if I could make it, any cat can. I lived another 2 yrs. after the amputation. When I went to Rainbow Bridge it had nothing to do with my being 3-legged.
  • Karen HigbeeKaren Higbee Easton PennsylvaniaMember Posts: 74
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    Our neighbor had a 3 legged kitty for 16 years and counting! His name is BOO & he is still a holy terror to all furry & feathered things! When he's on the go you can't even tell that he only has 3 legs. The kitty should be fine as long as it gets lots of love!
  • Patricia ParkerPatricia Parker ClevelandMember Posts: 1,093
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    Wow, this is my question! I am a three-legged cat. You can see my page (538956). I lost my leg in an accident on a fence when I was about six months old. I had lots of good vet care, lots of love at my new home, lots of good food and a clean box. I also had a Mom and Daddy and sister Nickidog who were very patient with me when I was scared of everything new after being a feral cat. Now I'm 4 years old and I don't even know I'm a three-legger unless some one reminds me. I go to see Dr. Liz for checkups like any cat, and I have never had a spinal problem. I run and climb stairs and poles and eat on a window shelf. I'm in the best of health. There is a great group on Catster for three-leggers who share their experiences. It's called Tripod Rule. That might help you, too. Love and purrs, Vinnie
  • Mandy YoutseyMandy Youtsey TempeMember Posts: 1
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    I have been a 3-legger since birth when I was born with my arms attatched and my real mommy had to eat of my deformed arm so i could walk and have my good limb be free from the bad one. I have a strong thresh-hold for pain because of this. Now, I hop around as if im just "one of the guys" along with my four other roomates. So far no spinal problems but my adopted mommy makes sure to rub in-between my shoulder blades every night to sooth the tense muscles I use extra hard to walk with everyday.
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