What is best coverage and most affordable pet insurance?

Lynne RiggsLynne Riggs GalvestonMember Posts: 1
I want to purchase pet care insurance, what is most affordable for best care and coverage.

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  • Leanne FroebelLeanne Froebel Member Posts: 1,730
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    There are several different pet insurance companies. Most offer several plans depending on the amount of coverage you want and rates vary according to coverage. Be aware that even with pet insurance you still have to pay your bill up front and wait for reimbursement, usually 70-90% depending on the plan. They also will not cover pre-existing conditions. We currently have Petshealth Care Plan and are very happy with it. We have heard other kitties say good things about Pet's Best and Embrace too. Do an internet search, read about the plans and fine print very carefully, and get some free quotes. You should be able to find insurance that meets your needs. An alternative to pet insurance is to set up a seperate checking or savings account just for your pets and deposit what you would be paying in premiums each month. Or give your vet a check each month to put on your account. This takes dicipline though and if an unexpected expense comes up, it may be hard not to spend the money
  • Kerry BrennerKerry Brenner Member Posts: 8
    Accepted Answer
    i agree with mickey about the separate savings account ~ we had pet insurance with banfield, but we got ripped off in the end and had to cancel 3 policies. with banfield (petsmart), you have to cancel well ahead of the anniversary date, or pay up. there were some perks, we did like the vets, but our area cancelled sunday visits, which is why we added the policy in the first place. we use a mobile vet for annual checkups and shots (they are very reasonable ~ $5.00 for rabies and no office charge; other shots and meds, like heartworm pills are equally sensible), but have a specialist for serious problems. our savings account saved us when faced with a life threatening problem. any good vet will write you a prescription for meds to purchase online. 'revolution', for example, will be 1/2 the price when purchased online rather than at the vets office.
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