5 yr-old cat has started peeing on bed! No prob before. No new cats, no illness. Tried vinegar wash,

She still uses the litterbox the rest of the time, and it is only my husband's and my bed. Happens almost daily, sometimes right in front of us! No major changes in the household, and she was the perfect cat before this started. I have washed the bedding with odor neutralizer and vinegar. Feliway Comfort Zone spray in the area hasn't affected her, either. What can cause a change like this, and is there any hope for stopping it? I am desperate!

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  • Leanne FroebelLeanne Froebel Member Posts: 1,730
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    I would recommend taking Isabella to the vet for a check up. Sometimes inappropriate urination can have a medical cause, like a bladder infection for example. I would also use a good enzymatic cleaner to help get rid of the smell such as Nature's Miracle. If a cat's ultra sensitive nose can still smell it, she may be tempted to repeate the crime. Please visit your vet and go from there.
  • Kirsten RobbinsKirsten Robbins Member Posts: 3
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    It's a very good idea to take them to vet when there is inappropriate urination. Ralphie peed on my bed a few days before he fell extremely ill. When we got to the vet, he was diagnosed with a urinary disease. He was on medication for a week and is now on a prescription diet, with no more accidents. Urination in places other than the litter box is often a symptom of a bigger issue.
  • Becky S-Becky S- SarasotaMember Posts: 39
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    Also have the vet check for things like diabetes. I've found that if the litter box has accidentally gone too long, there can be similar outbreaks of feline civil disobedience..... Also, really think about ANY thing that could be different. Different perfume, cat litter, the residual smell of another animal on something brought in ie: item from someone at work, yard sale, stored holiday decorations, you held someone else's cat and it's smell is on your jacket or shoes, something from vacation, etc ..... Sometimes the formula of the same old catfood will be "updated". Also treat the mattress if you haven't already. Air it out too; but most importantly, get a matress cover. It's like a big fabric "case" that seals and is water & allergen proof. It may help keep any resdidual urine smell in so as not to further attract the marking behavior. If nothing else, it will keep the matress itself from getting further soiled if she marks again. This is definately tricky. Good luck!
  • MEOW Cat RescueMEOW Cat Rescue KirklandMember Posts: 12
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    Step 1 is a thorough check-up by your vet. If all test results are negative for diseases, consider two areas: residual scent in your mattress or bedding and any change--even little ones--in your household. Cats can smell much, much better than humans. Get a good enzymatic cleaner and use it per directions to wash your bedding. You may also need to clean your mattress (or replace it). Definitely get a good waterproof mattress pad to keep more urine from soaking in. About changes in your household, what you think is an insignificant change may be VERY upsetting to your cat! Cats are sensitive even to human mood. If you and your husband are arguing, the cat may be peeing to say, "Stop that!" If you really cannot find an answer, consider hiring an animal communicator to talk to your cat. May sound strange, but it most cases, it truly works!
  • Sue KaufmannSue Kaufmann CranfordMember Posts: 1,465
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    I agree - a vet visit is definitely in order, and emotional issues may also be a factor. Generally, cats don't want to leave any odor of themselves anywhere, so they have to be pretty distressed physically or emotionally to pee in inappropriate places. Also, I can tell you from personal experience that Nature's Miracle or a similar enzyme-based cleaner is the best way to go, because the enzymes in it eat the urine that's causing the odor. Keep in mind that you really have to soak the stained spot. General rule of thumb is that the amount of NM that you use should be equal to the amount of urine deposited there. The best of luck to you in resolving the issue. As frustrating as it is, please know that Isabella is not doing it for spite.
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