my 15 year old cat is vomiting green every morning. Does anyone know what could be wrong? She is ea

She has lost weight, however, is eating and drinking. She is drinking less though............. Vomiting in the morning when she wakes up. It is green.

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  • Judy WilkinsJudy Wilkins MissionMember Posts: 162
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    I can understand you asking here at Catster about your cat but this is a serious subject & not something any of us here, no matter how qualified, can give a helpful answer. There may be a number of different reason for what's happening. None of us can tell you why without knowing more about her, her habits, foods, previous history, etc. But it's definitely NOT even remotely normal for a cat to vomit green every morning & to be losing weight, no matter her age. And all the more serious at her age. Your cat can live many more happy years if she's well cared for. Her problem/illness is not something we can diagnose over the internet. PLEASE make an appointment as soon as possible & get your cat to a vet who can check her properly. If money is a concern, tell your vet this & see if you can work out some plan. Check local SPCA or rescue agencies as some are willing to help partially cover some costs. Don't let her suffer. Cats are notorious at hiding how ill they are before we're aware.
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    I agree with the above poster. Although we can give an extraordinary amount of advice and help through Catster- we cannot give you an official diagnosis. Much less a home remedy to cure it. Vomiting green bile or stomach contents is not normal at any age. Occasionally, cats will vomit up yellow bile because their stomachs are too empty and have filled up with too much acid. But green bile is not a good sign at all. Is she vomiting grass? Grass might turn the stomach content green- but it's still not a good sign to be throwing it up. Animals only eat grass when they HAVE to throw something up (such as poison) and it shouldn't be happening any more than once every month or so. Get your cat to the vet right away. At age fifteen, the risks of serious illness are even greater. Get whatever support you need from friends or low-cost clinics. Don't let your cat suffer. Cats hide illnesses until the point in which they are almost to the point of death or permanent damage. Good luck!
  • Moxie PopMoxie Pop Los AngelesMember Posts: 130
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    I agree with the other posts. It is abnormal for any cat to throw up that frequently and colored vomit is likely a sign of something serious. I had a sweet 15-year old kitty who was diagnosed with kidney failure and a heart condition. Our vet told us that when she threw up yellow/greenish vomit, it meant the toxins were building up in her system in spite of her daily medical treatments. Hopefully it's nothing serious in your case but you need to get it treated. Imagine what it would be like to throw up every day. Please consult a vet immediately.
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