I'm at my wit's end with my cat and his marking.

We have tried sedatives, Felaway spray and room diffuser, nothing works. The vet said there is no other tranquilzer or dosage that will help. He's a loving but very nervous cat - please help. We've been dealing with this for four years. The Christmas tree was ruined, he's ruined stereo equipment, golfing equipment, etc. Any help is greatly appreciated.

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  • Judy WilkinsJudy Wilkins MissionMember Posts: 162
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    There are meds to help stop spraying (marking) & the newer ones are highly effective. Perhaps what your vet meant is that once this habit is strongly entrenched (4 yrs), it can be much harder to break - almost impossible for some cats - but still very much worth trying. The regular things like Feliway won't work since you say he's very nervous. Sedatives only serve to make them dopey but doesn't stop the problem. Older meds used have a success rate of 40-75%, depending on what type. But Prozac (& newer SSRIs) have a success rate of 90%. Some behaviour modification may still be needed. And it's vital to remove ALL traces of old urine smell with enzymatic cleaners. Mozza had started marking indoors when restricted from being out with me as much as before. He's very nervous too but thinks he's the 'boss' cat in the neighbourhood. I found if I let him out for a brief while each day, he's happy to mark his territory outside & won't indoors. I'll email you since I can't write much more.
  • Erin HayslipErin Hayslip Member Posts: 218
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    Thanks Mazzo, I tried to register to email you, but it hasn't worked yet. I am on Elavil and have been for about 2 years. It worked a little at first, but now doesn't seem to help at all. The vet said this was the best medication and can't recommend anything that would work better. Help - I really want to be a good kitty. Murray.
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