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Kitten Housing??

What is the best kind of place for me to have my kittens in? Should I have like a box or should I have a more open area (like a whole closet)? Or maybe should I just choose right before I have them in the spring (as long as it is inside)? Please help me!! meow!

Best Answers

  • Lucybelle GLucybelle G Member Posts: 96
    Accepted Answer
    Hiya! Kittens love to feel secure so placing them in a sturdy card box with towels underneath will make a better housing for them. Another idea is to get a rubbermaid/storage container. I place my kitten in her fleece bed inside a mid size rubbermaid container when she was younger. This way, I get to see what she is up to without having to peek at her from the top of the card box. An open area may overwhelmed them and it's best to have a small confined yet comfortable space for them. Make sure they have enough room to move, turn over, lie down entirely on their body length. Also, make sure the box has enough depth so they don't climb over. Good Luck with the new kittens!
  • Joy WaltersJoy Walters Member Posts: 9,276
    Accepted Answer
    I would like to answer both your questions at one time if you don't mind. Before you get pregnant, make sure there is a place for your kittens to go. Do you have RELIABLE people lined up who will adopt them? You could have anywhere from 2 to 6 kittens or more. There are thousands of cats/kittens in the USA looking for homes. If your pawrents are not professional breeders, they coud just be letting you add to the overpopulation problem. If you or the kittens should have health problems before, during or after, will your people take you to the doctor? It can be expensive. If you get pregnant and you go outside, you might not come back. Pregnant cats like to take off and hide. There's a chance you could have your kittens in the cold and you all could die from exposure, animal attacks, etc. Someone could trap you and never find your kittens and they could starve. Kittens are cute and fun, but if your people want to be around them, why not volunteer at a shelter? There are plenty there.
  • Kelly KasprzakKelly Kasprzak BreckenridgeMember Posts: 25
    Accepted Answer
    Your cat should be in a cardboard box or a plastic container with towels or blankets (that you wont mind getting messed up) underneath so your cat feels comfortable and that she and her babies have protection. Make sure you stay right there by your kitties side so she knows you will help her if she needs it. Good luck!
  • Amanda-Jayne TaylorAmanda-Jayne Taylor SydneyMember Posts: 1
    Accepted Answer
    I had 2 litters before I was desexed. The first time my mummy let me pick a spot to have my babies as she was advised by my doctor as it would be less stress for me. My mummy soon found out after I had them under her bed, that it was harder for her to check on them and make sure I was being a good first time mum. My second litter I had 5 kittens and my mum placed me in my cat carrier with my favourite blanket. I found this alot more comfotable, and knowing my kittens were secure and protected from my brothers, I found I could venture out of the carrier more regulary to eat and go to the kitty litter. From my experience of having 2 litters, Id say an enclosed area, like a box or a carrier is more comfortable then an open area, open to all sorts of dangers. As you have to realise even though the kittens eyes are closed for the first few weeks, they can still cawl around, and you dont want your newborns venturing too far away from the bed when your eating or having time to yourself.
  • Tiffany CarsonTiffany Carson St. MarysMember Posts: 15,800
    Accepted Answer
    My humans once were taking care of a stray (but VERY friendly) cat. She must have been either abandoned or lost. Anyway, one day they realized that she was pregnant. They prepared a box and a blanket for her. She used it to have her kittens in. However, as the kittens grew, the box became too small. She ended up moving them to different locations repeatedly. (Just so you know, they kept her outside. Don't worry, my humans found her a wonderful home where she lived with one of her kittens, Socks. Fur all they know, she's still there.) I'd suggest a box with a warm blanket or 2. Big enough for the mother to move around comfortable, but big enough so that she won't want to move them later.
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