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Was it an accident that someone pooped on the rug? In almost 3 years this is the first time!

Diane WallineDiane Walline Hamlin (suburb of Rochester)Member Posts: 500
Dad got up for work around 4am and told mom he found a poop in the corner of the hallway pushed up against the wall. He said it was hard and a little over an inch long. It was in the corner right outside the room with our litter boxes so he figured it was me just being lazy and tried and I just didnt make it to the box and then felt bad and I tried to hide it. When he told mom she made him find both of us to check us to see if we were sick. Jewel was sound asleep on her cat bed and I had been following dad around like usual. Eventually Jewel woke up and was playing and I seemed my usual self so dad went to work and mom tried to go back to sleep but couldnt. She got up to check our litter box to see if anything looked abnormal and it didnt. Although there was a small poop smudge on the floor right in front of the litter box that looked like someone tried to rub it out with their paw or scoot there butt on the rug to clean it. Mom still doesnt know which one of us it was but we both seem our usual friendly healthy selves. Is there anything mom should be on the look out for besides the usual change in eating/personality? We are both about 2 years old, well jewels probably closer to 3 and have never done this before, although I threw up once and totally tried to cover it but mom had to gently tell me i was making it worse by mushing it into the carpet more.

Best Answers

  • Joy WaltersJoy Walters Member Posts: 9,276
    Accepted Answer
    When my daughter's kitty had an "accident", he would get a piece of her clothing from the floor and drag it over to the accident and cover it up! I wouldn't worry about it unless you notice it's happening more and more. It's possible that you weren't quite "done" when you left the box and couldn't make it back in time. Or, maybe you didn't know that the poop was stuck on your rear and it dropped off. It happens. Don't worry!
  • Annalisa Conserti-JonesAnnalisa Conserti-Jones Member Posts: 5,234
    Accepted Answer
    I did that once. It was so embarrassing. The worst part is that mom watched the litterbox for other telltale signs for days and found nothing. Believe you me, having a human check on your stuff right after it went in the litterbox to make sure there isn't anything out of sorts was very puzzling. I haven't done it since either. Mom thinks maybe a piece of poop got stuck in you or your sister's paws while you were trying to bury it, and perhaps you just flung it off your paw on the way out, and forgot all about it. Like Izzie said, I would wait and see if it happens again, and if it does, then you can start by visiting the vet.
  • Kelly HendryKelly Hendry Charlottesville, VAMember Posts: 556
    Accepted Answer
    I wouldn't really worry about it. Sometimes Hunter's poop gets stuck to him and then winds up in places I would prefer for it not to be, but I've seen it happen and realize its not his fault.
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