can a 5 month old male cat start spraying after hes been neutered if he has never sprayed before?

yeah, hes never sprayed before and i just got him nuetered, can he learn how? and if so how common is it?

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  • Sandra PerrySandra Perry MemphisMember Posts: 1,425
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    We got Oscar J. fixed at about the age as Mylow. Our vet said that he could still spray from time to time but that it would not be as potent as it would be had he not been neutered. It's a territorial thing. He's just putting his name on his stuff. MOL!
  • Gabby HassanGabby Hassan St AustellMember Posts: 5
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    Hi,simply yes !! I dont know if you have a multi cat household,thats when its more likely but I even have female cats that have been fixed that do it ! Strange but true.
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    Yep. Todd does the same thing. He was spayed at 6 months, but has never quite gotten rid of his tom-like behavior. He's indoor-outdoor, so he's able to spray on outside things and patrol the yard. Wiht an indoor cat, it will be harder to accomplish proper behavior. Todd has learned that if he needs to spray, he can go outside. Simple. For an indoor cat, I wouldn't worry about spraying unless it happens often. Here's a good site to look at:
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