My cat toughee has fatty liver decease & is terribly constipated. I need to feed him again but he is

On Wed. my cat had surgery to try & find out what was going on and the vet. discovered he had fatty liver decease. He has a neck tube that I have been feeding him with. On thursday the vet. suggested I put him down. (He is a old school vet) I decided to give him a try at home. The problem is he is very constipated & bloated tonight on a Easter Sunday & I am afraid to tube feed him again. If any see this & have any suggestions please help me. He has been doing better but not out of the woods yet. He also wants to eat his dry food but I do not know if I should allow it. Kind Regards, farmerjackee

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  • Ruth SaundersRuth Saunders Member Posts: 139
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    Purrs & head-bonks to Toughee, hope he's feeling better soon! Sounds like he needs relief fast, so I would think he needs a suppository or enema to have a bowel movement. Please check with your Vet for product/dosage guidance, but once Meowmie was told to give a kitty here 1/4 of a child's Fleet glycerin supp & another kitty she gave about 1/2 ml (tiny bit) of Fleet liquid glycerin supp (7.5 ml size, they come in a 4-pack). Both worked, the later in a few mins. He may be constipated from the anesthesia. If he continues to be, you could try adding some fiber to his diet. It would be easy since he has a feeding tube. Some ideas are- Benefiber, (or Metamucil, etc.). I take, per Vet, 1/4 tsp twice a day for my IBD. Meowmie mixes it with my other med. Canned pureed pumpkin, (not pumpkin pie filling), 1-2 tsp. with meal. I'm not sure how often you feeding Toughee. Maybe just twice a day. This is also good for diarrhea. Lactulose, ask Vet. I would let him eat what he likes for now.
  • Joy WaltersJoy Walters Member Posts: 9,276
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    This is a question you really need to ask your vet. Actually, the two of you need to get on the same page. If your vet feels that Toughee's quality of life is poor and if he is in pain, then have frank discussion with your doctor. Vets do not make suggestions regarding euthanasia without lots of thought and consideration not only for the animal, but for the owner as well. Even "new school" vets wouldn't want to keep Toughee alive if he is just suffering with no hope of cure. By all means, don't feed him anything other than what the vet told you. My thoughts and prayers are with you...I'll keep you and Toughee close in my heart.
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