When my cat gets upset with me he recently started peeing on my carpet how do i make him stop?

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  • Judy WilkinsJudy Wilkins MissionMember Posts: 162
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    I know many people think cats deliberately pee or poop where they're not supposed to as a way of getting even. But they don't. Cats honestly don't think that way. Even if his behaviour started after he was upset with you, it's not revenge. The number one cause of inappropriate urinating outside the box is a urinary tract infection. It's likely a coincidence he started after this upset with anxiety making it worse. Cats become fearful of the litter box since every time they try to use it, they feel pain. They associate the pain with the litter box & start avoiding it. Peeing in the wrong place is different than spraying or marking. Please take your cat to the vet for a check & ask about a urinary tract infection (UTI) so the vet can look for this. If you care for your kitty, help him, please. Punishing a cat or trying to 'train' it due to an infection pointless & unkind.
  • Joy WaltersJoy Walters Member Posts: 9,276
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    As usual, Mozza is right. After you take your cat to the vet, if there is no UTI, take it a step further. Check the location of the litter box. Maybe your kitty needs more privacy. Always keep the box very, very clean. I scrub mine with pine-sol (rinse well) once a week and change out the litter. If it's a covered box, then perhaps your kitty doesn't like it. Also, check the litter itself. My late great Shizzie used to tell me he didn't like the litter by peeing next to the box. Mozza is correct when he says that kitties don't use elimination as a way to 'get back' at their owners. Cats live in the moment and don't hold grudges. Btw, check whatever you're doing to make him upset. Unfortunately, you'll have to be the one to change and modify whatever is upsetting him.
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