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why is my cat peeing like this.

Cleo (my 7th month old kitten) is going through some odd behaviour she went into heat 2 days ago (real bad) yesterday I noticed cat pee smell I found it today in the air vent!!!. and just now she has peeed in the middle of the office (her bedroom) I brought a stray kitten in the house on Sunday (completely seperated from the rest of the house) and was wondering if she felt threatend by the new kittie, or is she trying to call a male cat, or if she has UTI. I won't be able to get to vet untill friday. Pleeeease Help.

Best Answers

  • Valerie DurhamValerie Durham Member Posts: 8,724
    Accepted Answer
    Apparently female cats are known to mark their territory with urine the way males do, especially when in heat (to my great embarrassment, I did it myself once). It sounds like this is the situation here--probably both trying to mark her territory vis a vis the new kitty, AND call for a nice virile tom at the same time. (Yes, Humans may say it with flowers, but we say it with...Number One.) However, as you already know, in the case of any inappropriate elimination, a prompt vet exam is always advised. Is there any way you can see your vet before Friday? Meanwhile, keep an eye on Cleo for signs of illness or other odd toilet behavior.
  • Cynthia LeathersCynthia Leathers Member Posts: 131
    Accepted Answer
    Your cat is displaying typical heat behaviors. Why haven't you gotten her spayed? All cats should be spayed or neutered before the age of 6 months. Call the vet and make an appointment for Friday to have your kitty spayed, and see if your vet will give you a discount to get the new kitten spayed or neutered, too. In the meantime, keep her inside the house and preferably confined to one room to prevent her from peeing all over the house. Unfortunately, once a cat pees outside the litter box, it will keep peeing in the same places, but that's the price you pay for not getting your cat spayed earlier. Good luck!
  • Melissa FordMelissa Ford Santa CruzMember Posts: 3,914
    Accepted Answer
    There are several rasons kitty may be urinating inappropriately. First, you MUST have the urine checked to rule out infection. Behavior modification only works if there is no underlying medical reason for the behavior. Once kitty has been cleared of a UTI, you can assume it's behavioral. Most likely it's cause is the new cat in the house. even though it's separated form the rest of the cats, they can all sense it's presence. An in heat female cat may also raise her tail and spray objects to advertise her availability. The only remedy to this is to have her spayed. It's usually the male cats who do this but females will also spray. If the inappropriate urination is medical then it will fix itself once the problem is resolved (antibiotics for UTI, spay for spraying). If it's behavioral then you will need to work on modifying that behavior...ONLY after medical problems are addressed.
  • sheron ricesheron rice ChicagoMember Posts: 13
    Accepted Answer
    Your kitten could be marking her territory. Is she spayed? She's at an age where she should be -- this will prevent her from having uterine tumors as she ages, help prevent overpopulation, etc. The scent of the new kitten is very strong and cats have powerful receptors -- they can smell 10x more than we can. So give your kitten lots of extra love, use a good cleaner to get the urine smell out and good luck with your stray. (I have had much luck with strays who are now full time family members.)
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