Overweight, But nothings helping

Shelby CuccShelby Cucc Palm CoastMember Posts: 1
My 3 year old neuter cat wont seem to loose weight, I've put him on a diet and tried making him more active but he just doesnt loose weight. Sometimes he steals food off of my plate, but nothing more then a tablespoon worth of food. The vet said he is to be close to 10 pounds and he is 14, Could he get any health problems or die early?

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  • Darlene WagnerDarlene Wagner MilwaukeeMember Posts: 1,075
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    A tablespoon is A LOT of cal. for the kitty. I also have the same problem, and yes it isn't a good idea, and can cause health issues. Mommy switched my cat food to a grain free, and I am now full of energy. I don't eat as much, and I seem happier, so maybe you want to try that.
  • Valerie DurhamValerie Durham Member Posts: 8,724
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    An overweight cat called "Mouse"??? (But I see from your page that your real name is longer and quite grand.)...Anyway, I'm overweight myself (bluntly put, on the verge of being morbidly obese), and my vet wants me to go from 20 pounds down to about 13-14 pounds. I'm four years old, and the vet said there's still time for me to lose weight before I get any serious health problems. But here's the important thing: losing weight too fast can cause fatty liver (I think that's what he said), which CAN lead to death. So, no crash diets for cats. The vet said to take it slow and think in terms of taking up to a year to lose weight. I think you should see your vet again, and after asking him why you seem to be unable to lose weight, set up a timetable for your diet, and get an estimate of exactly how much of your food (in ounces or grams) you should be eating every day. Easy does it!
  • Sandra PerrySandra Perry MemphisMember Posts: 1,425
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    Obesity affects our animals the same way it affects us. It's not good. I agree that you should consult your vet about ways to help him lose weight the right way. Oscar J. Cat needs to lose about a pound himself. We've switched to a indoor formula food (less calories) and he only gets a spoonful of tuna from mommy once a week now. :D
  • AJ HubenyAJ Hubeny Windsor, Conn.Member Posts: 26
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    For anyone dealing with an obese cat I would recommend to check this site by a veterinarian who has a special interest in feline nutrition and runs a sort of "fat camp" for felines in her home. The info there is top notch and most up to date, please do your cats a favor and go read www.catinfo.org there are additional cat nutrition sites on line too and references are also given to those sites.This is the one site to start with and you can follow cats the vet is currently working with to loose weight.
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