my cat riley is throwing up we took him to the vet today and they gave him reglan for his nausea, he

2 days now and i am worried sick about him, how long will it take for this medicine to work and is there anything i can do to help him,he was given some fluids as he is midly dehydrated but the vet was not to worried, but he is so lathargic i am very worried please let me know what i can do to help him feel better, thank you so much for your time vicki

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  • Michelle SheldonMichelle Sheldon PhoenixMember Posts: 1,176
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    Stop feeding him his food completely until his diarrhea and nausea go away. You can give him boiled chicken, boiled white rice, plain fat free yogurt and boiled eggs. Those are all very easy on the stomach and won't upset his stomach anymore like his food will. Also my friend says pumpkin helps. Like the cans of pumpkin you buy to make a pie. You can also give him pepto bismal. A very small dosage of course. But if you don't want to give him people medicine I understand. Some vets say yes, some say no. Mine says yes and I trust him.
  • Ruth SaundersRuth Saunders Member Posts: 139
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    Riley's sick? But...his profile says he's passed on. Is there another Riley? Well, for the sick Riley- Did the Vet give you a diagnosis? He/she should tell you what he/she thinks is making Riley throw-up/be nauseated. If he's lethargic this sounds serious. You probably should go to a different Vet for a 2nd opinion. It helps to keep a careful record of his symptoms by writing them down. Keep track of how much he eats & drinks. Meowmie uses a 1 cup measure cup. She measures what's left in AM, (dry food and H2O), subtracts it from 1 cup and writes it down, & puts new 1 cup of each down. Canned food she notes how much I ate of what was put down (ie- 1/4 of 1/2). She keeps a notebook right there. The Vet said I need to drink 100-200ml (that's about 3-6 oz)/day, (I'm about 7#). She also marks down how many voids & BMs (?loose), & anything else- when med. given, lethargic, purring lots, etc. Vet needs to know these things & when it all started. Hope your kitty's feeling better soon.
  • Wendy ShadmanWendy Shadman Roswell/Dunwoody GeorgiaMember Posts: 4
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    So Sorry you don't feel good. We just went through the same thing, and know how you feel. its scary! Hopefully we can be able to "shed" some li So we went for a ride in the people carrier and visited the vet, got my shots. she thought I was ok after blood panel came back normal. But I did not agree. just wanted to hide. Got a second opinion from new vet, a great one in Roswell Ga/.Chattahoochee Animal Clinic, nice and kept me calm,so glad we found him!! a dog signed us in, and ran to get his parent, how cute!! They said I was dehydrated and gave me some fluids then a couple of days of throwing up twice so violently I fell over, my mom was really backed up. they did an enema. yuk!! think im ok now? I was wondering if anyone else is feeding their cat fancy feast wet, the old and the new mint colored cans or purina whiskr lickins tuna flavor, he also drinks from drinkwell, luv catnip t bags. Anyone know if any of above could be contributing to all OF THE TUMMY ACHES???
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