Stephanie SaundersStephanie Saunders Red DeerMember Posts: 7
I recently fostered 2 cats fromthe SPCA. They were adopted yesterday and when they were taken to the vet they were found to have Parantitis. The vet said my cat may have contracted this and i just need to know some more info about it and what the chances my cat has contracted this life threatening disease. I understand he may not show syptoms for up to 2 years.

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  • Joy WaltersJoy Walters Member Posts: 9,276
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    I believe you mean "peritonitis" or Feline Infectious Peritonitis (FIP). You can google this disease and learn a lot about it from veterinary and feline sites on the Internet. To explain everything that would happen with the disease, how it's treated, how your cat could develop it, etc, would take more than the 1000 word limit we have here. I can tell you that my daughter's vet told her that if her cats didn't show signs for 6 months, they were probably not going to contract the disease. But please research it and talk extensively with your vet to see what you should look for, which kind of FIP these cats had ("wet" or "dry) and to reassure yourself that your cat may not contract it. Not all cats who are exposed automatically contract this disease.
  • katherine Likelykatherine Likely YelmMember Posts: 63
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    I agree, I think u have the spelling wrong. Here r some articles that I found 2 b very enligtening on the subject. Most cats recover or never get it. There r 2 forms of it. The wet-accumulation of fluid in the chest/tummy area. The dry-has inflammatory lesions-found in almost all organs, including the nervous system. Loss of appetite, weight, lethargy, & up/down fever that is not responsive to antibiotics. Cats with the wet form may develop a swollen abdomen or difficulty breathing due to high fluid. The desease is primarily spread by the poop-oral route & by saliva or sweat. The virus can live in the environment in dried poop in the cat litter for 3-7 weeks. Cleaning is very important w/disinfectants and detergents 2 kill the virus in the home.
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