My cat goes both IN and OUT of the litter box!

My cat Sasha has always been VERY territorial and has always peed right around her food dish. A few yrs ago I moved into a house with other cats and now she not only pees around the dish, she defecates there as well - along with about every inch of my closet floor (which is the entrance to her litter box)and occasionally goes in my bedroom! I'm ready to pull up the closet carpet, try the Feliway and see what happens, but I'm worried she'll just move her habit into the bedroom more then. She's an older cat, and is quite often constipated (other than that, the vet says she's fine) - so she does get kitty malt and mineral oil in her food once a week or so.. She DOES still use her litter box - just not all the time. I have a feeling this is maybe due to her agression towards the other cats, but she'll even go on the bedroom floor at night when it's just her and I in there and the door is shut! Any suggestions? I've been dealing with this for yrs, but it keeps getting worse.. : (

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  • Calindy MannCalindy Mann Member Posts: 173
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    I'd pull up the carpet anyway becaue the cat smell is VERY hard to get rid of, even if you cant smell it she sure can. It's very strange that the goes around her food, most cats dont like their foor and their "residue" anywhere near each other. I had a cat when I was younger who started going in the wrong places when we got a second cat but none of our tactics worked. Ours was an older cat too. Dispite vet tests and other stuff nothing worked and they chalked it up to a "old lady" who is set in her ways and will do whatever she durn well pleases.
  • Joy WaltersJoy Walters Member Posts: 9,276
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    Tipper is right, you need to pull up the carpet and possibly even get the area professionally cleaned. Older cats do tend to get constipated and this isn't fun. You may need to put more litter boxes for her around the house or in your room. Make sure they are scooped often and spotless! Peeing near her food dish isn't normal behavior for cats and it concerns me that it's seems to be accepted and normal for Sasha. If she's older, she may need a geriatric work-up by your vet. If she's having this many issues with elimination, you probably should discuss these issues with your vet.
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