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Donna HorkeyDonna Horkey kernersvilleMember Posts: 3
i have littermates they are about three months old. the girl will make meep sounds, not quiet meows. the boy does not make the same noise. they have this werid purr sound when they can not see the other after a while. when do they normally start to be chatter boxes. they love to purr and can for long periods of times. we go to the vet in a few weeks so i can ask them to make sure nothing is to wrong.

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  • Joy WaltersJoy Walters Member Posts: 9,276
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    Kittens making different sounds doesn't mean there's anything wrong with them. Humans have different voices, also. When we're scared or upset, our voices indicate it just like the little girl when she's separated from her littermates. Animals all have their own communication styles that begin at birth and that could last all their lives if they're together that long. All 3 of my cats have different purrs/voices. And, each of them makes different sounds for different occasions like hunger, fright, looking for their mom (me), or each other. My cat Ernie and I have actual conversations. I say something to him and he "answers" me. Don't worry about the purring/meowing. It's perfectly natural!
  • Christine BuehlerChristine Buehler Grand BlancMember Posts: 69
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    dont worry, they are all different, my Zackery is a year old and he doesnt meow like the others eaither, he makes peep sounds instead more like he is talking to me, nothing wrong at all just makes then all different, different personalities,I think its cute the way he talks to me like that
  • Ash SavAsh Sav MonctonMember Posts: 25
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    They are both right upon my visit with family on xmas break I was woken up by a cat that had no voice. I bet if someone stepped on her tail she would yelp like any other cat but for some reason Hayley doesnt moew she opens her mouth to but makes no sound now that was bizarre I think you should be glad they dont sound the same now youll always know who needs you
  • Cynthia LeathersCynthia Leathers Member Posts: 131
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    My hu-mom has had a lot of kitties in her lifetime, and some talk a lot (like me! in the middle of the night! I yowl and mewl and beep and purr and eek!) and some don't talk at all, like her beloved Itty-Man (1992-2002) who never made a single sound other than deep humming when he purred, and our buddy Cosmo, who only makes tiny eeks, despite his huge size. Your kitties may never be big meowers! Cats normally don't "talk" to each other, other than small meeps and purring. They use their "big voices" to call for help from other cats when they are alone. It is possible they aren't talking because they have each other and feel secure in your home! That's quite a compliment. At least you will always know if something is wrong or out of the ordinary with your kitties. They usually cry in pain or when they're trapped somewhere. So enjoy the peace and quiet, and appreciate those rare meows that may or may not come out of your sneaky quiet twosome! (They're so cute!)
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