What is the best way to clean my cat from fleas?

Note that she has very thick fur. Oh, and i'm not sure she has them. I've never saw any of them, so can somebody tell me how does they eggs look like? I mean, how can i tell does she has them or not? Thanx

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  • Joy WaltersJoy Walters Member Posts: 9,276
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    You need to get down to her skin somehow. You can pick up her fur and look at her skin. Usually, on the stomach or the back is the best place to look. If she does have them, you might even see them moving on her skin. The easiest way is to buy a "flea comb", a small comb with teeth VERY close together. (The package will say "flea comb). When you brush her, look at the fur that comes out. If there are small "pepper" looking flecks in the fur, that's 'flea poop". And, if there are white dandruffy looking things, those are flea eggs. The simplest thing to do is to buy a treatment of Frontline Plus for cats (from your vet) and just put the drops on her back between her shoulder bones. That way, it kills the fleas and you don't have to worry about whether she has them or not. But, you have to reapply it once a month.
  • Olja AvlijasOlja Avlijas Belgrade, SerbiaMember Posts: 1,991
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    Well, as Izzie said, it doesn't mean that the cat doesn't have them if you can't see adult forms of fleas. It's more possible that you'll see white dots on the hairs close to the skin, and that is the certain proof that the cat has fleas, cause those are flea eggs. And also you'll see brown-black dots, as Izzie said. So, use the flea comb and bath your cat ( not too often...) Also you can use a lot of product that prevent from fleas returning again, as collars and (as for me) the best : ampules.
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