upper respiratory infection vs. nasal tumor?

My cat, last week and the beginning of this week, has developed a thick amount of inflamed tissue in one of her nasal passages (and has completely blocked the airway). It looks to be a polyp of some kind or even worse, possibly a tumor. The first symptoms she had last week before this polyp/tumor became visible was sneezing and noisy breathing. Now within the last 2 to 3 days she started having her nose bleed from the other nasal passage that was not blocked. Also, I noticed a greenish discharge a few times coming from the polyp/tumor. I took her to the vet yesterday and we're treating it as an upper respiratory infection, but she said it was possibility it could be a tumor and watch for improvements within the next 3 days. She also said my cat had a fever. I'm worried my cat might not have 3 days to play around with and generally I like to treat things holistically. Can someone give me detailed info on the symptoms of nasal tumors vs. an upper respiratory infection?

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  • Roopa RajaramadossRoopa Rajaramadoss manchesterMember Posts: 205
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    Courtesy (about.com) URI- "Symptoms of an upper respiratory infection include sneezing, sometimes coughing, runny nose and watery eyes. Although the most common cause of URIs is the feline herpes virus 1 (rhinotracheitis), other causes can include chlamydia and calicivirus. Special attention should be paid to nutrition with URI-infected cats. Because of nasal stuffiness, they may not be able to smell their food, and refuse to eat. Sometimes warming the food a bit will pep up the odor and entice the cat to eat. Dehydration can be a real problem, so moist foods may be best for the cat under treatment, as well as water given by eye-dropper, if necessary" Nasal Polyps - Sneezing, Nasal discharge can be categorized by character: serous (clear), mucoid (cloudy), blood tinged, bloody (epistaxis) or a combination of these. Check this website for more info I hope she gets better soon. Good luck.
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