my cat had surgery Monday after being sick for more than a week and not eating.

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They removed a fur ball which had attached to his organs. He's been home now for 3 days, and still won't eat and losing weight. He's on medication, and wondered if this was making him naseaus, hence the loss of appetite.

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  • Joy WaltersJoy Walters Member Posts: 9,276
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    It could absolutely be the meds that are causing nausea, but if he's still not eating, you've got an emergency situation. You're going on 10 days according to your post with your cat not eating. He needs to be seen and/or kept at the vets, given fluids and observed until he begins eating again.
  • Amanda SundbergAmanda Sundberg TulsaMember Posts: 257
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    Izzie's right, your kitty needs to be seen immediately as this could very well be an emergent situation. If a cat stops eating all together you have to start worrying about hepatic lipidosis, which is fatty liver disease. Its mostly a threat in overweight cats but I have seen it in thin cats as well. If your cat hasn't eaten since monday they will probably need for force feed him to get him eating again. You didn't mention what medicine he's on. Antibiotics affect their stomach much the same way as ours and most need to be taken with food. It could be nausea from the meds, but only a vet can really ascertain that.
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