How to stop cats from urinating in the wrong places?

I have two cats- brother and sister from the same litter. they are about 10years old. They have been indoor cats. they are overweight. I have had them to the Vets to check for infection, I have changed the cat boxes, moved to cat boxes, changed the litter, changed the brand. I have now draped my furniture with plastic tarps, I cannot have rugs on the porch or in the bathroom. they also poop in the wrong places. We have tried to "gently" dicipline them by showing them what they have down and putting them down stairs into the cat boxes and let them stay in the cellar a while... they know that this is upsetting behavor but continue to find a new spot everytime we find and clean the spot they have been going. My house is stinky--- I do not want to get rid of these cats but I am having a difficult time with this behavor... what can I do...kate

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  • Lisa DaversLisa Davers SacramentoMember Posts: 3,642
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    They may have got into a bad habit after so long and they can probably still smell the urine etc even though you have cleaned. I think you have multiple litterboxes from your post but the ideal number is 1 for each cat plus 1 (so 3 for you) and make sure there is at least 1 box on each floor of the house. Use natures Miracle to clean where they have gone in the past. This is has an enzyme in it that completely gets rid of the smell so the cats cannot detect it any more. For a few days set aside a room for them and keep them in there with their food/water/beds/litter boxes and make sure the boxes are kept superclean. Get a Feliway diffuser in there too. They won't want to mess where they eat/sleep so this should help retrain them to use the box. Since this has been going on for a long time you may also want to get in touch with an animal behaviorist to help you ID the specific things causing this so you can help resolve it.
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