Is there some thing wrong with my cat?

Baylee JohnsonBaylee Johnson GermantownMember Posts: 56
You see my cat use to be a strae and we dont know her age we think she is about 10 years old and she shedds a lot we comb her every day but there still hair every where but she doesnt have spots that dont have hair in them.But shes a black cat and if your wearing a white shirt and hold her for 2 min. your shirt well be black too. and i know that from winter to summer they shedd very bad but she shedds in the middle of fall and in the begining of winter so i dont know what is wrong with her she doesnt shedd so much that she has bald spots on her. but when she lays on my bed the sheets and every thing get black from her fur its not all hers because we have a black dog to.but if we clean the sheets and put them on the bed and close the bed room door where the dog cant get in but the cat is the sheets well be black in about 4 hours.Is there something wrong with my cat?

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  • Joy WaltersJoy Walters Member Posts: 9,276
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    I have two black cats, Ernie and Delilah, and one black dog. Ernie is short-hair and Delilah is long hair. My dog Jessie is sort of short-haired also. I want to tell you that I have black hair all over the place all year long. It's in my refrigerator, in my sink, bathtub, shower, mouth, eyelashes, everywhere! Black hair is very obvious when it's on the floor, your clothes, sheets, etc. If it was white, you probably wouldn't notice it. You can always have your cat groomed by a professional. I have a wonderful groomer who has done magic with Delilah, her mats and her shedding. Dogs and cats shed all year long, not just at certain times. Twice a year it usually gets worse, but like us, they do lose hair all the time. If she's losing it in large amounts, like clumps and handfulls, then call your vet to see if they think she might be allergic to something. But, iI think from what you're saying that this is perfectly normal and while it's annoying, I wouldn't worry about it.
  • Renee CadieuxRenee Cadieux Member Posts: 1
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    Hi Midnight, Have you tried using different types of brushes? I've heard wonderful things about the "FURminator." It's sold at just about any pet store (PetCo, Petsmart), but you might find it cheaper if you check out eBay or Amazon. I've never used it but I have friends that swear by it, and I'm planning on picking one up next time I'm at the pet store. I also have a cat that is black (and white) and seems to shed a ton, year round. Just a thought. Hope it helps!
  • Sandra PerrySandra Perry MemphisMember Posts: 1,425
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    Sounds like normal, yet annoying, shedding. If you're concerned, you might have her looked at by the vet to rule out allergies.
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