Fixed, healthy female cat urinating on cloth only!!! Why?

We adopted a little 6 months old kitten 2 years ago. She was so sadly, very abused, near death. She has 2 brothers. She is such a skiddish, scared, nervous kitty. Very healthy, no UTI's or otherwise. But recently has taken to peeing in the middle of the bed or on any sort of blanket or clothing left anywhere, up high or on the floor. Her kitty box is pristene. With 2 to chose from, 1 hooded, 1 not. Both in quiet locations. Tonight, after her bath she peed on the bathroom floor, then promtly ran to the bedroom to pee on the middle of my bed. Ruining a $400.00 feather bed for my disabled back. I'm finally at my wits end. I think it's time to give her up. I'm just so scared that she will be put to sleep. She's such a delight. Someone please help me. Should i give her up? Is there something i can do? She's fixed and healthy. She has 2 brothers who do not have this problem. And as i said, this has been recent. Within the last year.

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  • Joy WaltersJoy Walters Member Posts: 9,276
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    Cats uriniate in inappropriate locations for two reasons. One is a health issue and the other is a behavioral issue. Research how things are going in your home. Is it possible that her two brothers are annoying her when she uses the box? If it has been a while since she was at the vet, she may need to go again. If she is peeing so frequently, she may not be urinating because she has to 'go", she may be marking. Most vets can suggest an animal behaviorist that you can speak with. The vet and the behaviorist can then compare notes on your cat and come up with a solution or at least suggestions. Please know that not ALL cats who are given up are euthanized, but if your kitty has a problem peeing in inappropriate places, that's a strike against her. Please work with your vet to try to solve this before you consider rehoming her.
  • Melissa FordMelissa Ford Santa CruzMember Posts: 3,914
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    You need to have her urine tested first to rule out infection. You can't assume that because she didn't have a UTI 2 weeks ago (or whenever she was tested in the past) that she doesn't have one now. If the urine test is negative then behavioral issues can be attempted. You can not make any behavior modifications until a UTI is completely ruled out. Please call your vet..
  • Ruth SaundersRuth Saunders Member Posts: 139
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    You may need to add another box, & could try taking the hood off the hooded one. It is recommended to have 1 box per cat & 1 extra. Try a litter called Cat Attract, or there is an additive version of Cat Attract that you sprinkle on, (looks like catnip). Since you say she is skiddish, it may be a territorial issue (with the other 2). Have the boxes in not only a quiet area, but with access from 2 different directions so kitty doesn't feel she may be ambushed while in a vulnerable situation. If this doesn't work, close her off in 1 room & slowly advance her. I agree, too, there could be a medical reason. One cat here had a neg urine test but was missing the box. The Vet concluded she had infect./irritation of urinary tract/peri-area, (overwt). A course of antibiotic stopped her from missing the box. That's terrrible about your loss of the bed. You could maybe close off your bedroom until she is using the box 100%, & keep anything valuable in there. Also, soft things can confuse cats.
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