My 27 wk old kitten has URI & is now vomiting but only at his evening meal. Breeder had him on Doxy

He got the URI at 12 wks while still at the breeders. He came to me at 16 wks. His appetite has remained good, he has gained 4 # , he has normal bowel movements, drinks well, hasn't run a temp, he sneezes alot, he's congested, has nasal discharge & a tiny bit from the eyes, more like "sleep". He's been on the same food at the cattery & with me. No changes. The 2nd day I had him he checked out healthy at the vet except for URI. Started L-Lysine 500mg 2 x day. 1 week later got a green nasal discharge & started 11 days Clavamox. 4-5 days after that he had green stuff again. Started 13 days Clavamox & antihistamine 1 mg 1 x day & nasal drops 2 x day. 4-5 days later green stuff again. Cultured for pasturella multicido. Started 9 days Cefa-Drops. Off cefadroxil for 10 days now. In the past 12 days he has vomited 5 times. 1st time after AM meal. Next 4 times after PM meal. Last 3 times was last 3 nights in a row. Doesn't vomit his AM meal. Appetite is strong. He vomits entire meal. Help!!

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  • Leanne FroebelLeanne Froebel Member Posts: 1,730
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    A breeder shouldn't have sold you a sick kitten. Did you get a sales contract? Depending on what it states the breeder may have to help with the vet bills... or replace the kitten. URI's in kittens can be very difficult and frustrating to treat. I had a severe one as a tiny kitten... it took months to get me healthy. Once a kitten gets closer to maturity (8-12 months) their immune system is better and then can handle the virus better. Keep up the l-lysine (which had anti-viral properties) and antibiotics for secondary infections as recommended by your vet. I would talk to the vet about the vomiting if you haven't already... that's not usually a typical symptom with URI's... possibly a side effect form the antibiotics? or a new symptom? Purrs and good luck!
  • Jessica ArendJessica Arend MonroeMember Posts: 17
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    while i've never experienced an uri and i've never had contact with a breeder, i would suggest taking you to a vet. they have the ability to run tests to be sure that these are the right meds for you and your illness.
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