My cat might hav insulation stuck in her throat? what do I do?

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  • Molly StrothkampMolly Strothkamp MesaMember Posts: 1,381
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    This sounds like an emergency. You need to take your cat to an emergency vet NOW. You did not post many details so I do not know why you think this but if your cat is having any difficulties breathing or any other symptoms, she needs to see a vet ASAP. Even if your cat isn't showing any outwardly symptoms, contact the emergency vet now. Some insulation is made with fiberglass- that would be horrible and life-threatening to have stuck in your throat. I am very, very concerned for your cat. There is no way that someone reading your post on the internet is going to be able to help you or your cat with this situation. Please contact an emergency vet NOW (hopefully, you already have).
  • Annalisa Conserti-JonesAnnalisa Conserti-Jones Member Posts: 5,234
    Accepted Answer
    Go to the vet. Go to the vet. Go to the vet. Go to the vet. Go to the vet. Go to the vet. Go to the vet. Go to the vet. Go to the vet. Sink in yet? There are some things you can ask online about (frequent hairball, a picky cat when it comes to food, weird behavior), but eating foreign objects is not one of those things you wait on. If your vet is closed, don't wait until Monday. Find a hospital or emergency vet that is open on Sundays and take that kitty in.
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