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Elecia CoxElecia Cox LenoirMember Posts: 2
My 3 month old kitten was spayed on tuesday. it is now sunday, and i was wondering... how much swelling is considered normal? My kitten has a bump around the area of the incision about the size of a nickel. the vet used the kind of sutures that dissolve by the way, so there are no staples or anything. they told me that swelling is normal, but HOW MUCH? Is nickel sized too big or ok? the incision is not red, hot to the touch, bleeding or letting out puss...just swollen also, she is eating and drinking water fine, and she tries to play and jump onto everything. lol it is so hard to keep her from jumping

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  • lola nipperlola nipper Member Posts: 34
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    put a neck cone on her
  • Melissa FordMelissa Ford Santa CruzMember Posts: 3,914
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    Some swelling is normal. As long as there is no discharge, redness and she's eating/drinking and leaving the incision alone you probably have no reason to worry. If she is lethargic or stops eating and drinking, the incision looks infected or is hot to the touch she should be seen on emergency. I would contact your vet tomorrow to see if they can take a quick peek at the swelling to determine if you need to do anything special (they should glance at the area free of charge) but if it needs medical attention expect to pay for a recheck exam +/- medicines.
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