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I got a rescue indoor/house cat from the RSPCA a year ago. For the first 6mnths he was fine, then he started urinating on guest beds when they were staying. I presumed it was terrotorial but now he urinates on my bed too and on the sofas. The vet says that there is nothing wrong with him. What should I do?

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  • Muncher AndersonMuncher Anderson Member Posts: 3
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    I have a rescue cat too and for the first 3 months or so she would occassionally use the litter box and occassionally, not very often, but often enough to be annoying would pee NEXT to her box, on the couch, and in the middle of our bed. I would clean it up and then for a few days things would be fine...until I would find another pee spot. What I found was that a cat peeing outside the box means that he is trying to tell you something. Of course make sure that you clean his litter box AT LEAST once a day. One reason could be that he has a urinary tract infection. You might want to take him to the vet to have him checked. Male cats seem to suffer from UTI's more than females. Another reason could be that the litter isn't as clean as he would like it. So keeping the box as clean as possible will help both of you. For my cat it turned out that she doesn't like litter boxes with domes on them! Something as simple as that!
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