i have a 2 year old cat that will not use the litter box can you help

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he is fixed and he will not use the litter box and i have moved the box and still will not does any one know how to get him to use it

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  • Lisa DaversLisa Davers SacramentoMember Posts: 3,642
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    If he used it before normally, he could have a UTI (urinary tract infection/bladder infection) that is causing him to pee outside the litter box. UTI's are a really common cause of this and the vet can test for it and give him antibiotics to take care of it. If its not a UTI and its a behavioural issue the vet will be able to give you advice how to deal with it.
  • Joy WaltersJoy Walters Member Posts: 9,276
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    Cats usually stop using the box for two reason, stress and illness. As was said, if this is sudden, get him checked out by your vet. If you suddenly changed litter (and you said you moved the box), go back to your old litter and location. Research what might have happened when he stopped. Did someone frighten or interupt him when he was doing his business? Is the box cleaned every day and scrubbed once a week with new litter added? Is he misbehaving in any other way? With a little research about your daily life and his, you may be able to pinpoint what happened when he stopped using the box. Also, make certain to use an oxy-based cleaner like Nature's Miracle (Petsmart) to clean his mistakes up as he will continue to go back if he smells the urine in one particular place.
  • Mindy MartindaleMindy Martindale PortlandMember Posts: 2
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    He most likely doesn't like the litter box. I have a litter box without a lid and my kitty likes that one better than the one with the lid. We returned the one with the lid because he would pee everywhere else & ruined a lot of stuff for a round one.He absolutely loves it. My other kitties love it too -plus it's good decor. Are you cleaning your box everyday? My cat is also fixed but he will use the cat box for 3 days when it's not cleaned. Other than that, he may have a problem. He might be claustrophobic, can't stand the smell or have a uti. Try changin the litter. That might be an issue too. I have litter that has baking soda in it. Do not use the $2.00 litter at walmart. It's worth buying a $10 box of cat sand with baking soda. It smells a lot better and actually clumps up the pee in the sand.
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