continued from first question.. Tempest wont let me cut her nails or brush her either. she was found

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Tempest wont let me cut her nails bath her brush her. when she was found she was under a pinetree covered in needles and sap. took two baths to get all the sap and dirt/needles off. I am very worried bout her, It makes for a stressful household when she gets like this. I want her to be a happy cat. she is here to live her life till her lifetime ends. I was urged by two vets that i may want to look into getting her put down. I was appauled at this. Is there something i can do as I am all out of resouces money and patience. To calm her i have to put her in a cat carrier for a lil bit and even then it makes her mad she claws at the door and it sheds her claws to where she starts to bleed. This makes me emotionally upset, I dont know what else to do. She was a sweet loving cat i dont know why she is like this.

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  • Joy WaltersJoy Walters Member Posts: 9,276
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    When a cat is like this and there is no medical reason, and the cat was not abused before or after adoption, we have to think that the cat is just like this--it doesn't want to be touched or messed with. But, of course you have to maintain her grooming and health which means that sometimes you just HAVE to handle her. Think back to when she began to act like this. DID anyone abuse her? Perhaps a child, another animal, a spouse or friend? Did you leave her with someone at one time who may have been less than loving to her? In any case, she is what she is now. Before you use the "final solution", ask a vet (not the ones who told you to euthanize her if you can help it) about possibly putting her on kitty prozac. I've heard that this has worked wonders in difficult situation. If you give this medication a fair chance and it doesn't work, then at least you know you've done all you can. Good luck.
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