Where can Mom get pet liability insurance for me?

Julie SargelJulie Sargel Next to Treats, By FishtankMember Posts: 78
I am a 6 month old, working guy. Mom is training me to become a therapy cat--as in Animal Assisted Therapy--and wants to get me certified by the Delta Society. I go to work w/ Mom every day. Her boss wants her to get liability insurance in case of the highly unlikely event that I might bite somebody. Everybody who knows me knows I'm a cuddler, not a biter. But Mom needs to know where she can get that sort of insurance. Can anybody give us some good sources for that?

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  • Joy WaltersJoy Walters Member Posts: 9,276
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    You might be covered by your mom's homeowner policy if she has one. You might also be covered by any insurance your mom's office has. (Have the HR people check with their insurance people) When my sisfur Cady (allegedly) nipped a repairman, the first thing mom did was call our insurance guy from our house.
  • Kami KreapsKami Kreaps DallasMember Posts: 5
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    Your vet sometimes offers pet insurance.
  • Kathleen BKathleen B CincinnatiMember Posts: 135
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    Liability insurance comes with a "Certificate of Coverage" for you to keep and/or give a copy to your boss. The insurance is for a dollar value up to a specific limit. An insurance agent will find a company to "underwrite" a policy and you will pay a premium for the policy based on the dollar range based on exposure/risk. Izzie is right about some homeowners policies, but Moses is going out of the house. Call your insurance agent, ask whoever does homeowners, auto or business and they can check into what companies write policies and what dollar values they sell. Animal therapy is wonderful!
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