My cat sleeps A LOT is this normal after neutering?

I had my cat neutered 2 weeks ago. Before this was done he was wild and running around everywhere and begging to get outside.(He stays indoors all the time). Now all he does is sleeps a lot. He doesn't cry to get out or play much. He has changed so much it started the day he came home from the vet. Is this normal or does neutering an animal at the age of 2 seem to depress them. He eats just fine. Should I be concerned or will time take care of this?

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    Time will take care of this. Neutering changes a cat's temperament drastically. Male cats are literally raging with horomones and testosterone- they are always ready to mate and have a strong desire to do so. That is why your cat was so wild before the neutering procedure. He was constantly looking for a female cat to breed with and wouldn't let up for a second. With time his temperament and horomones will even out and he'll become more active again! Good luck with your baby boy- and thank you for being responsible and neutering your cat!
  • Joseph ZaborskyJoseph Zaborsky YoungstownMember Posts: 4
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    I've had plenty of neutered male cats, and they all calmed down afterwards. Though they still would run and play, they still get mellow. Of course if You were neutered, You'd probably do the same, LOL No need to impress the ladies anymore.
  • Joy WaltersJoy Walters Member Posts: 9,276
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    Neutering and spaying will calm an animal down, but any time there is a drastic change in behavior as you've described, a call to your vet is in order. The effects of neutering usually happen gradually as itcan take up to two weeks for a male cat's hormones to stop kicking in. When he came home from the vet, he was probably still fighting off the effects of the anesthesia and if you were also giving him pain pills, those as well. Your vet can reassure you that everything is OK, or he may want to see him just to make sure there is no infection or anything else going on.
  • Claudia KimClaudia Kim Member Posts: 1
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    I just got my cat neutered two days ago and he's also sleeping ALOT. Same as yours, he was VERY active before the procedure and I'm pretty worried that something is wrong. Did your cat ever get out of that since your question was submitted?
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