Need advice on low stress environments please.

Kitty has feline herpes so I want to keep his stress level as low as possible to prevent breakouts. We don't have any other pets by the way. Things I am doing/did: 1. Not changing placement of litter boxes. 2. Not changing litter brand 3. Food and Water - am trying to move slowly to kitchen 4. Got water fountain hooked up and running 2 days ago in the kitchen. 5. Trying to keep routine schedule with feeding, waking up , cleaning litter, coming home...etc 6. Trying to keep environment consistent. No moving furniture. What else can I do or avoid? What stresses out a kitty?

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  • Roopa RajaramadossRoopa Rajaramadoss manchesterMember Posts: 205
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    You are doing most of it. Feline herpes is caused by a Virus and it can affect your kitty's eyes. Ensure you do some research on it and ask all relevant questions to your Vet and get appropriate medication for his eyes. Because secondary infections can occur in his eyes/lungs.Clean his eyes everyday with a soft washcloth after wetting it with warm water. Keep your kitty away from the window as much as possible if you have stray cats/ Feral cats/ Racoons in your area. Seeing one may overstimulate a cat and cause stress. The final thing that you can do is rush him to a vet as soon as you see any other symptom or issue. Usually cats with this infection have lower immune power and can get infected very easily. Talk to him, play with him, spend a lot of quality time with thim :) and am sure you do all this!!
  • Sandy NenningerSandy Nenninger PlainvilleMember Posts: 1,975
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    The only thing I can suggest that you didn't list would be to to limit visitors from interacting with him until he is well again. I know when I get a new kitty I can't wait to have my friends over to meet the baby. But keeping him in a safe room when people visit would be a good idea until he is feeling better.
  • Joy WaltersJoy Walters Member Posts: 9,276
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    I would suggest that you clean out your spare room, stock some chips and soda and adopt me! You are such a wonderful kitty owner that I'm not reading your posts to MY cats 'cause they'll start demanding the same from me! You are doing everything you need to do. I would also suggest that you keep YOURSELF calm. Go on about your regular business, don't fuss and keep up with Oscar's medication, playtimes, sleeptimes, etc. Just FYI, my foster with Herpes I mentioned in the other post is aging gracefully with the disease. Her adoptive family says she is healthy in all other ways, the Queen of The House and of them, and lives her life like any other cat. She gets her Lysine each day, twice, and the disease is managed and in remission.
  • Kathleen BKathleen B CincinnatiMember Posts: 135
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    You may try feliway spray or plug in, it's supposed to relieve stress.
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