Abandoned Kittens, lived only 3 weeks, and I cannot figure out why they passed away...

My Mom Cat, Houdini up and disappeared one morning about 3 weeks ago, leaving me to nurse her then 3 week old kittens-two little darlings. I nursed them with petcare formula, and fed them via eyedropper at first. All was OK, other than they had not learned to clean themselves very well-they had just about opened their eyes when Mom went away. I fed them and nurtured them, then about 3 days ago, I returned to my house to find one lifeless. That one had some symptoms of what I thought could be a cold, and so I cried and buried my new lost little friend, whose name was Sylvester (from the cartoon). I checked to make sure he had not been attacked (I have other cats)-but there was no sign of why he passed away. So- Tigger, the other one, was seemingly fine, eating Baby Cat food, some dry and some canned, along with the formula I had purchased. Last night I returned to find him very weak, and dragging his legs, he just about made it in to the feeding area to eat. This morning he passed -any

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  • Joy WaltersJoy Walters Member Posts: 9,276
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    I am so sorry that you lost those two little babies. This is so sad. It's possible that the two babies were sick from the beginning. It's always a good idea to take a pregnant momma to the vet while she is pregnant just to make sure everything is OK. Most times, mama kittens do well with their babies, but when they are abandoned, we wonder if maybe Mama knew they were sick. Baby kitty probably also should have gone to the vets when you noticed the "cold" symptoms. Upper respiratory infections are deadly to very young kittens. If Houdini has a history of 'going away' and coming back pregnant, you really should consider having her spayed. She may have something wrong with her that prevents her from having healthy kittens. Not to mention that she may not have the mothering instinct and will abandon another litter. If not pregnant, cats can come into heat every 21 days. Please consider having her spayed.
  • Michelle KehrbergMichelle Kehrberg Member Posts: 224
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    Bless you for fostering!! These things sometimes happen, seemingly for no reason. I lost one of five that I was fostering at about 6 days old. The vet thinks it was due to low blood sugar. This can get kittens up to three months old. They need kitten formula until at least 8 weeks with one drop of Karo white syrup per tablespoon of formula mixed in. This helps prevent that. A bottle designed for kittens is the best way to feed foster kitties, it reduces aspiration into the lungs, which can lead to pnuemonia, which produces cold like symptoms. But they get pnuemonia easily anyway so don't assume it was anything that you did! You did the best that you could do. Know that they were well taken care of and be thankful you had them for the time that you did!
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