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I have two kittens about 6 months old that my boyfriend and I rescued when they were first born... We know we have to get them spayed at some point, but I'm a full time college student and my boyfriend and I have our own house and money is really tight. Dropping 400$ on getting them both fixed is not in my budget... They're both indoor cats, and we're not letting them out becuase there are boy cats wondering around (we live on a farm) and we dont want to deal with ___ number of kittens one day.. How long can I go without getting them fixed? If i put it off will i be sorry for it in the long run or will it not be a problem? I dont know much about girl cats in heat!! Any suggestions?

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    I suggest a low-cost spay and neuter clinic ( female cats are spayed, male cats are neutered ), you can usually find one in your local phone book- some vet clinics also offer payment plans for those who can't afford to pay up front. Ask your veterinarian if you can set up a payment plan to have both of your kittens neutered. The problems is, your kittens are reaching adulthood, and both being tomcats, they will most likely start to fight with one another due to territorial issues. They will also probably start to mark their territory inside your house by spraying urine on your furniture, walls, carpet, etc. And goodess knows what would happen if they even caught the scent of a female in heat! They would go insane! Yowling, scratching the furniture, scratching you- all to try to get to the female in heat. I would suggest you get them neutered ASAP before behavior problems become and issue, and before more unwanted shelter kittens are born. Best wishes and good luck!
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    Girl cats in heat can be VERY vocal and annoying... and also will very likely try to dart out the doors or windows to get to those boy cats. Not getting them spayed will be a problem. They will cycle frequently until they are spayed... or slip through a door and get pregnant or killed (there are alot of dangers outside). If one of the boy cats outside is sick and she gets out, she could get sick too - feline leukemia and feline AIDS. Boy cats are likely to hang around your house and spray waiting for your girls when they are in heat. If you spay before the first heat cycle, you greatly reduce her chances of breast cancer later. See if there is a low cost spay/neuter clinic in your area or sometimes humane societies or rescue groups can help get you a low cost spay. Otherwise call your vet, explain the situation, and see if they will accept a payment plan or a post dated check. You can also apply for Care Credit. http://www.carecredit.com
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    Mr. Fez and Natasha are right, but you already know that. At 6 months, your girls are due to come into heat at any time. If they both get "caught" by males, you could be dealing with upwards of 10 kittens to adopt out in an already overpopulated situation. Many animal shelters have "MASH" days when they will fix animals at a low cost. You can also google "Operation Petfix" to see if there's one in your area. You can also call these shelters and rescues in your area for their input on where to take your girls for reduced rates. Many of these organizations have lists at the ready to share with people in a situation like yours who need help. Thank you for rescuing these babies and doing the right thing by wanting to have them spayed!
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